Stunning & Minimal Website Design for World-Renowned British Artist Zoobs Ansari

Thrilled to collaborate with Zoobs to build his new website showcasing his iconic art collections.

Zoobs has maintained a website for many years, however the site was not performing well anymore. The site lacked the essential ‘ZOOBS’ personal branding. When he approached Red Eight for ideas and suggestions to showcase his artwork collections – we were so very excited. Working with Zoobs the artist was a complete honor.

We believe that if your website content is beautiful, the design of the site should get out of the way and let the user see what they came for… With this in mind, we designed the most minimal website possible, so that Zoobs’s art would jump off of the screen.

Website In-Page SEO

We worked effective page layout into the design so all of the page based SEO best practices were met. This ensures that Google/Bing/Yahoo search engines can find his art.

If you haven’t already seen Zoobs art on the news or in the best galleries; where have you been!? Here is a little intro to him:

Zoobs Ansari is a British artist, based in Los Angeles. His Art is arresting and on the cutting-edge transitions between style, fashion, sexuality, morality and human nature. His works are prized amongst niche collectors as well as frenziedly coveted by the media…