The Friendly Accountancy… Free Ranging Branding.

Free Range Business is an accountancy firm catering for small to medium sized businesses in the South West of England. They approached us to create them a brand; logos, letterheads and stationery. Alongside a website that showcased everything they have to offer.

Their logo and brand was created by taking their name in a literal sense, linking the name ‘Free Range’ to eggs and thus going with the theme of chickens – a nice touch for a welcoming business.

We created various drafts of the logo which were tweaked until the client was happy. Once the logo was complete we made additional stationery such as pens, booklets and folders. Digital stationery was also created.

The website was created to be welcoming and demonstrate the friendliness of the business with a hero banner showcasing all of the services they offer being brief, colourful and eye-catching. The layout of the website is smooth and fluid, offering insights into the business itself.

There are suitable sections such as an about page, a services page and an archive of all of Free Range’s testimonials. The website was created in accordance to the guidelines in which accountancy firms have to comply to.