AltCorner Music Magazine Website

When we first began our work with AltCorner, it was clear that they had some really ambitious ideas but they needed a firm basis for their web strategy. We stepped in and mapped out a plan of action for them both on their social media and the website itself.

Once an agreed plan was in place, we began to work on the logo, house styling and colour scheme for AltCorner. Working closely with their team we developed a brand that is now seen at festivals, concerts, on YouTube and of course, their website.

The AltCorner needed a lot of functionality and user-integration for the website to prosper. On the backend of the website there is a section where News, Interviews, Reviews, Bands, Galleries and Festivals can be added. There are also sub-sections that include things such as Band Members, Authors and Photographers. All of these sections communicate with one another to make sure that everything is linked, for example; on a single band page all of the recent articles tagged to that band are displayed under ‘recent articles’.

The homepage features a jQuery engineered five tiled transitional click-to-show display that shows the latest posts by the AltCorner Writers. There is also a fully-functional user section that AltCorner team members can log in, edit and submit articles and additions but can only be posted once accepted by an admin.

We created a strategy for them in terms of when to post and how they can optimize their articles on their website. In accordance to using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, we created a plan and set up their social media accounts so they are as beneficial as possible.

AltCorner has become a firm staple in the Alternative music scene since their formation in December 2014 and their website has been often accredited for such success.

Website Design Statistics:

PageSpeed Score: A Grade (90%)

Fully Loaded Time: 2.9s

Total Page Size: 1.14MB