Get Social

Small or upcoming businesses are constantly seeking ways to generate more publicity and ultimately, more income. With the influx of various advancements and technologies being deployed in the forever-competitive landscape or marketing, one that is potentially now one of the most pivotal is social media.

The act of posting a quick selfie or writing a tweet about what you had for lunch has become synonymous with our daily lives. Now, reputable business owners can’t really just post a few random ramblings about their choice of food and expect for some form or business development. However, if they take the time to understand social media; it’s guises, its methodology and the tips needed to succeed – then, the benefits start to arise.

Social media marketing has become a major player in the growth and improved performance for a host of businesses from small startups to economic heavyweights. A recent study by Ambassador saw that 71% of consumers who received a good social media experience are likely to recommend the company to others. In addition,  over 53% of purchases made on the internet were generated via a post upon a social network. This groundbreaking development has now very much became the status quo – after all, even dogs have Instagram now…

At Red Eight Consulting, we know all about marketing. Possessing over 15 years experience, we are well versed with both the foundations and the latest advances that include optimising the various social media platforms available to you. There is a whole host of important stipulations that need to be addressed when planning how in fact you can maximise the success of your social media interaction – these include:

  1. Defining who your target market are and subsequently segmenting them off in order to ensure that you are aiming the appropriate post to the appropriate person.
  2. Develop a network on the social media platform you are choosing to prioritise. While it is best to ensure that you remain active on all of your chosen platforms, initially, begin by building a network (a following) on the social media you have chosen as your main. Twitter is often a great place to start as 71% of people who were contacted by a small business on Twitter were more likely to make a purchase from said company.
  3. Fill the cracks in your current business model – The use of social media can be a great tool for fulfilling some sectors within your current day-to-day business running that may be lacking. For example, the use of Twitter’s and Facebook’s inbox system upon business pages can serve as a great platform for communication, becoming an outlet for customer service to be offered.
  4. Develop your brand and presence online – One of the best things about developing your social media networks is that create a presence for your company on the internet. More often than not, a person will search your business and research it before making any custom. This notion is one that works against you if you have irregularly updated networks that make your business look unproductive. Even worse is those that don’t have any presence. Having your brand online is one that is important and signals that you are serious, professional and most importantly, active.

We at Red-Eight have spearheaded a whole range of social media implementation for a variety of different clients, each needing bespoke strategies and schemes. Our approach begins with an informal meeting to firstly discuss your business and secondly, what you want to achieve from your foray into the world of social media. Through developing a core knowledge of what you want your company stands for, we can then construct a comprehensive plan that not only wields results but enjoyment from your social media campaigns – in turn, creating the perfect and bespoke online identity for your company.

Please feel free to contact us on or 07537994573 so we can discuss the appropriate steps to strengthen your Social Media marketing and help your business develop.