Client Insights: AltCorner

The Client:

AltCorner is the promotional platform for alternative music, documenting upcoming artists and established alternative acts. Driven by a team of passionate writers and photographers, AltCorner strive to make a difference in the music world by focusing on the rising stars of alternative music. Great artists are out there and AltCorner showcases them every day through news coverage, reviews of the latest alternative releases and interviews with both upcoming and established artists.

Red Eight have worked alongside AltCorner for nearly three years now, providing the backbone to their output through providing them with the platform they need to deliver such a well-respected feed of musical coverage. We initially became a part of their project when the concept of AltCorner was merely just an idea, since then we have implemented their original website, developed a reworked phase two website due to its success, and been at the forefront for all of the publication’s graphical needs.



Who You Are:

Hi! I am Brad, editor and founder of AltCorner. The whole idea of AltCorner was built upon an idea I conjured up in my bedroom. I had previous experience in the music industry but wanted to be part of publication that is bespoke to my own interests, so I thought why not create my own. We now have a team of over 35 people, split between photographers and writers while gaining over 15,000 visitors each and every month.

How We Met:

Having previously run a website independently under a different moniker – it was an initial chat over coffee one afternoon in late 2014 with Dean at Red Eight which saw the AltCorner idea be born.

He saw and analysed my existing site, one that was just a DIY-template job (awful, awful, awful!) yet, Red Eight saw the dedication and potential that the project had; so from there, we began developing strategies, ideas and drafted up a plan for the inception of AltCorner.

The Work:

Red Eight came up with a full plan for us, including a complete Branding and design and layout of the website and email marketing. Red Eight created and developed everything for us, constantly dealing admirably with any indecision or last-minute changes I made. Their work with us was so dedicated that I firmly consider the company as a partner and in many ways, the beating heart of AltCorner’s ongoing publication. Most recently, they oversaw and made sense of my abject ideas for a phase two site, creating miraculously a website that maintained all of my wishes while improving upon my initial, often nonsensical ideas.

AltCorner begun merely as a dream but Red Eight have continued to go above and beyond for us and helped those dreams come true by providing us with the platform to go on to achieve things that have far exceeded our expectations. I will always cite Dean and Red Eight as the backbone to our success and look forward to continuing our working relationship for many years to come.