Branding = Success

Branding. Branding. Branding. No matter what kind or what stature your business is at, it is never too late to develop upon your branding. In this little blog, I will discuss the importance of branding, something that sounds painfully obvious but is more often than not, executed woefully.

Branding, successfully interlinks your core business values, your unique selling points and your services to make an identity. This identity is the representation of your business from the top to the bottom, serving as the instigator between your business being cultivating or entirely forgettable to your potential customers.

In many ways, businesses often have a distinct idea of what people want to see and what that is – who doesn’t love a cute pic of a dog or a cat? Whilst this is an entirely correct statement for nearly 80% of people, it does nothing from a business standpoint if it is not relevant! That is the key, relevance to your target audience. So as cute and popular animal pictures are, it doesn’t really cut the mustard for an engineering company – unless it has some sort of animal reference (Big Dog Engineers, anyone?)

I digress, the whole construction of a brand should be based around the message you want your business to convey, it doesn’t need to feature a quirky image, it can be a mildly adjusted font like Casio or it can be an innovative graphic like Evian – both are entirely different but are both memorable, effective and renowned.

When deciding upon what route to go down for your branding, consider these things:

1) Identify Your Audience

The specific group who you shall be supplying or working alongside shall be the first initial base point for your planning. Don’t try for the impossible and try to cater for everyone in the world – direct your brand at the majority of who your potential consumers are and keep in mind your industry too. Once you’ve captivated your audience, your branding will then surpass to a wider array of reach, just give it time.

2) Develop Your Identity

Define who you are. Decipher what message you want to convey to not only your audience but the world too. If it presents your business ethos and is memorable then you have the perfect identity implemented. Think of Ferrari, not everyone has owned or even driven their cars (I  wish I had!) but their leaping black stallion is internationally recognised and one of the most genius brands ever created. This initial logo has gone on to develop until instantly recognisable branding, from Ferrari’s own clothing to their classic use of red that is one of the most common references to the colour red aka ‘Ferrari Red’. Their branding has evolved the car manufacturer to so much more than what they initially started out as, so always keep in mind the future and what potential your identity has or can be limited to.

3) Application Of Branding

So you have a brand in place but what do you do with it? Use it!

Application of branding is important, make sure that anything business related is branded accordingly – maintain your house style, logo and structure consistently across all of your output. Look at one of the biggest brands in the world – Apple – they appropriately brand everything from emails to their products to their plastic bags, and look where it’s got them. We at Red Eight often create a whole plan for our clients to execute effective branding and deliver a whole host of materials that can be used across all platforms and medias the client wants/uses. The implementation of branding instigates positive sentiment for your company and helps the consumer trust anything that maintains your brand.

All in all, branding can be the difference between a good business and a great one, with the limitations of poor branding far outweighing the positives it can bring. To address any issues you have with your current brand or the lack of one you have, please feel free to contact me on or 07537994573 so we can discuss the appropriate steps to strengthen your brand and help your business develop a long-lasting impression.